From the time my H2B and I met Penny we decided to relax and enjoy the journey that the 3 of us were going experience and what an experience it was. when we met it was going to a roller coaster ride for 18 months. we do not regret the decision to have Penny from Boda Events and Design in our lives. for 18 months she went way beyond anyones limits in making sure that we experienced everything that we could as this time was all about us. she works very hard in making sure her bride and groom are more than 100% happy. she was more than planner to me. she became a mother of the bride when she had to, she became a maid of honour/bridesmaid, she was there for me at anytime of day or night even the weird hours of the morning. she was a life saver. my husband and I are very greatfull for everything she done for us.