J&J Testimonial

Penny was a late addition to our wedding and was a great addition at that. Myself being a control freak and not really being able to have much control on the day Penny really was my piece of mind. She kept the boys in line and made sure they were ready on time and left for the ceremony on time, she went to the venue early and sent me photos to make sure I was happy with everything, she helped direct the photographer and suggested some great ideas which I am sure will make for some great photos. As everything was already organized for my wedding when Penny became a part of my day she took on my schedule and followed it to a tee. I honesty didn't see much of Penny once the reception started as it is such a busy part of the day but every now and then I felt the tap on the shoulder advising that another formality was about to happen. My day ran very smoothly with very minimal stress and I believe Penny was a big part of this. I can not recommend Penny highly enough I was able to relax and enjoy our day thanks to her.