Sheree and Kelvin

Sheree and Kelvin
I’ve never really been a 'wedding planner' kinda gal, nor was I entirely happy to relinquish all control on the biggest day of my life....... until I met Penny.

Penny made it very easy to let go and give her the reigns. She made me feel confident in that she knew EXACTLY what she was doing and that our day would be exactly what we had asked for.
Leading up to our wedding Penny contacted me EVERY SINGLE DAY to see how I was coping and when I was down, she picked me up and when I was stressed and worried, she assured me that everything would be ok. I’m not sure I would have managed without her.

On our big day, things didnt exactly go as expected, it poured down with rain just as our ceremony was about to start and then our music decided it didnt want to work. Penny was VERY quick to fix any problems and once again reassure me that things would be fine…… which they were.
Our wedding was everything I had dreamt of and more and Penny went above and beyond for not just us, but for our guests as well.

I can not recommend her highly enough and will never be able to show my gratitude to her for everything she did.

She is worth every single PENNY we spent ♡♡♡

Sheree and Kelvin: