Allure Productions have done it again! I got goosebumps! Well Done!

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Gemma & Scott truly had a very cool vision and I had the absolute honour of being there to pull it all together on the day. Gemma a teacher and Scott a tradie met online and their chemistry on the day is proof that online dating works and that dance teachers can keep secrets! Having run through the day with Gemma and my assistants Gemma headed to the dance floor to play a little game called the shoe game, little did I know that the couple would end with a dance off, it was truly amazing! I was left gob smacked and I couldnt believe little Gem had pulled that all together without me knowing a single thing about it!

From the food vans, personalised touches including the little hearts down the aisle, the dreamcatcher, a personal touch of a tractor entrance, bell shaking and rose petal throwing from all the guests as the ceremony, I dont think I stoped smiling the whole day and I know these guys were the same. The love you share is special cherish it.
Thank you to Allure productions for your amazing work, Gem & Scott for allowing me to share this and be there on the day to celebrate your love and every supplier that was there on the day, my helpers you amazed me and i wish you all the best in whatever career you choose.

This is why your get your wedding recorded!

Much Love
Penny & the angels