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We love weddings! we love meeting couples and hearing all about their unique love stories and helping them to create a day that is special to them but also effortless and fun.

With your Boda Angel by your side, they will be as involved as you need them to be to take the pressure off you and save you from stress.Its often not just about the stress for some brides often it can be having someone to give advice, support and a shoulder to cry on when needed!

The Angels love everything about weddings – from supporting brides with dress fittings, to creating themes and making unique, personalized items to go with it. Add a splash of glam and thats us!

Often couples need a little guidance on the little things such as Speeches, vows and the all important timeline for the day. We can sit down with you and give you some pointers with speeches, if you haven’t discussed your vows with your celebrant already we can give a few tips on making your vows funny, loving and about the love you share. Its so important to ensure the whole day reflects how you both want the day to be.

Timeline assistance is something we just adore putting together for our couples, with that in mind we allocate time for the all important things and ensure it is provided to all your suppliers so you dont have to worry about remembering a thing!

Have you created a photo list? no? whats a photo list?? You wouldnt be alone there! Some couples have an idea on what type of photos they would like and some are more visual and prefer a list of shots they would like, who is in them and most of all, enough time to get all the important shots! We support your photographer and assist by getting your guests together for the photos so that no time is waisted and you are off relaxing before the reception starts.

Rehearsals are something that we do get asked about quite often, to do one or not? It is always good to do a run through that way all members of the bridal party understand their roles, where they need to stand, who they are partnered up with etc. This is a really great idea for little kids so they dont feel so overwhelmed on the day.

The team range in experience, Penny has been in events for over 10 years playing matchmaker, creating seminars and conferences and finally falling into wedding planning. When asked recently what she loves most about her role she simply said this – Love is a beautiful thing, I absolutely love what I do, I am very grateful to our couples those moments you truly cant put into words.

The stylists are all driven to create a space that will not only reflect your vision but also display things that may be oh so important for you. Personalised items which we can assist in making also can be set up and packed down for you.
Enjoy your day – delegate the small stuff..